Saturday, September 14, 2013

Wake me up when November comes

In a tribute to the start-with-the-obvious school of writing, I haven't been around here of late. Working full days and trying to be a good mum who doesn't snap at her kids when they ask her to do complicated craft projects in the evenings is taking up all my energy. To my credit though, I still haven't taken to smoking in the bathroom.

I do come close, though, on some days.
I received the final cover of my next book yesterday and after putting it up on Facebook and making it my profile photo on every possible networking thingummy including the inexplicable Google+, there was something missing. Ah, but I haven't shoved it down my blog readers' collective throat, I finally realized. What blog readers, I asked myself. Woh bhi hai, bichdde sabhi baari baari and so on. Then I remembered this and this.

The thing is - I started Project Pulitzer a few days ago. In the 7.5 minutes of free time that I have each day, I am trying to go through all the books that have been awarded Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. Now since this thing started in 1918 or thereabouts, I have my work cut out for me. Another direct consequence this has had is on my self-esteem. There may be some people in this world who read a great book and are inspired to churn out epic work themselves. Me, uh, not so much.
So, my ever-enduring self-doubt aside, here we are, my Constant Reader. Tuki's Grand Salon Chase comes out in November and if you do come across the book, smile and send a blessing my way. Better still, buy the book.

Tuki’s Grand Salon Chase

For most hairstylists, the move from the dingy Lovely Beauty Parlour to the upmarket Nancy’s Factory would be reward enough. Gifted, young Tuki though has her sights set on a bigger prize – her own salon! Her well-laid plans start going awry as soon as the striking tattooist Faraaz joins Nancy’s Factory. Tuki needs to handle Faraaz’s advances, figure out the mystery behind the disappearance of the elderly, eccentric, brilliant writer Bijoy Dutta and rescue the multilayered Sweety Bhabhi from destitution. 

Finding herself at the heart of one storm too many, Tuki decides to run away from the leafy lanes of Bandra to the old-world Portugese villas of Goa. In the comforting embrace of the village Aldona, she finds herself struggling with her rather untimely attraction to her enigmatic neighbour, the charming Arvind and sharing house with Bijoy, haunted as he is by the ghosts of his past. 
Armed with nothing but a pair of scissors and the jigsaw pieces of her broken dream, Tuki has to navigate through Mumbai, Goa and London to find out if the universe is conspiring to make her or break her. 

Tuki’s Grand Salon Chase is her heartwarming tale of finding love and hope in the unlikeliest of places.


Aneela Z said...

I just realised that each of your book releases has brought me 15000 km closer to Bombay!
Inshallah by the 4th I should be in a lovely( previously owned by a Parsi dowager) maison by the sea

Richa said...

an interesting preview to the book. I am going to buy this and By the water cooler when I visit Delhi in november. Pakka.

You are an inspiration. God bless. :-)

Richa said...

And by the way, it was nice to see this blog update...Please come back to bloggin.

Maddy said...

Hi parul

Pulitzer Congrats!

Thanx for posting!There are some technolaggers like me who still visit here to check the updates. Will take time to reach you at other spaces so pls do not neglect your brilliant blog and post once in a while.Is it too much to ask for????:-)

M. said...

Where can I buy this??

Parul said...

Aneela....Phir toh chauthi kitaab likhni hi parhegi.

Richa....Yes, it feels good to write here, maybe I will restart, this time with greater quiet around.

Maddy....So nice to hear from old, familiar names! How have you been?

M...Bas thoda sa intezaar! Kindle? Amazon?