Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dawa aur dua

My tryst with dangerous sounding illnesses continues. Recently, I got more than a little friendly with a mosquito, resulting in dengue.

For the last time, how do you pronounce this? Deng-oo? Deng-ee? Dr Dang?

The platelets decided to go for a merry walk and I had to go to Lilavati Hospital to look for them. This was my fourth hospitalization since 2007. I am practically on first name, back-slapping terms with the staff now.

Aur bhai, sister, sab theek-thaak?

Haan ji, sab theek hi hai, bas woh saat number wallah patient off ho gaya. 

Oh, gulp.

My veins are ultra-thin and the nurses have great difficulty in locating them while trying to draw blood/putting in a cannula/other joyful things. This results in much yowling on my part.

Thathurts, thathurts, thathurts. 

Arrey, what to do, your veins are very thin. 

Why me, why me?

What do you mean? In some cases we can't find the vein only.

Toh phir kya artery mein lagate hain?

Well-wishers were going around wishing me well. At one point, M looked up from the phone and informed me that my mother had asked me to start consuming goat milk to improve my platelet count. I thought my fever had gone up again and I was hearing things. Anyway, turned out, not so much. I politely declined, though I have a feeling she is hunting down a willing goat to part with her milk.

The platelets got worried after the goat milk suggestion and decided to come back. I too am back home now.

I informed Aneela that I had been suffering from very high fever. She dedicated this piece to me

Pyaar aur dengue kiya nahin jaata, ho jaata hai. Truck par likhne se pehle, please know that  copyrights are reserved.



Kiran Manral said...

Oh bleddy. Get well soon. Have lots of papayas.

Parul said...

Kiran....Beats goat milk!

R's Mom said...

Please get well soon. Dengue is pretty about its effect in TOI yesterday and seems really scary!

Take care and drink loads of fluids (Tropicana juice included :) )

Anonymous said...

Hope you are ok now Parul. Dengue always scares me a lot. Take care and get well soon!!

Sandeep Ahire said...


dipali said...

I hope you've fully recovered. We're still settling down in Noida, all at sixes and sevens.

Parul said...

R's Mom....It WAS scary! I thought I was going to die!

Anon...Thanks and come on, give us a name!

dipali...hey love, are you going to be in Delhi for diwali? I am going to be around!

roop said...

Husband is undergoing chemo rite. So they have to routinely take his blood. Instead of poking his veins on repeat, they've installed a port with direct access to an artery. ;) so there is such a thing. :))

roop said...

I'm glad you are better. May you stay out of hospitals now. They are not a place to be!!