Saturday, November 9, 2013

More on Tuki

Happy Diwali, junta! Hope it was good. Mine was spent in Delhi - which is another word for food that makes your heart sing. I pigged out to the extent that a loyalty card at Haldiram's was being actively considered. Fairy lights everywhere, the promise of winter in the air, the smells of aloo-tikkis frying - oye hoy, oye hoy and so on, ji.

Khair, I am back in Mumbai now and am faced with the rather uphill task of promoting a book while not getting fired from a full-time job and also, keeping the kids clothed and fed. I feel rather bad for Tuki because she has been somewhat ignored in the muddle that is my life these days. The book is going to be in stores in just a couple of weeks.

But but but....I am making a valiant attempt at it starting today. In fact, I spent the first half today being a complete pain in the ass on Facebook, demanding people like the book's page etc.

On the verge of being banned from Facebook for pesky, pesty behaviour, I've now returned to my old stomping grounds - the blog.

Before anything else, presenting, the author photo. Yes, this time, we are being given a picture on the book jacket which basically places all blame on this woman, right here. Behold.

M took this picture. I fretted about the fat and the hair and tried to hide the tears in the sofa with those awkwardly placed cushions (true story) but overall, I think he did a slap-up job.

That brings us to the content. A sample of the book is available on Google Books. You can read it by clicking here. It would be nice if you could drop me a line and let me know what you think of it. 

And oh, if you are on Facebook, and of course, do like Tuki here -

Not too long to go now. Hold my hand!


Anonymous said...

You look lovely as usual and will I'm sure juggle all three roles beautifully. The book will be a smashing success. Can I buy it here in the U.S. online? I managed to get your last one enroute to my hometown Goa on the airport so was lucky that way but this time with no plans to visit mother India will have to online only.

Best of luck. You are glowing and a wonder with all that you're juggling:-)


gargimehra said...

That’s an awesomely pretty photo! Looking forward to your latest book.

Jyothi said...

Lovely pic, Parul. I'm not reading the sample. I'll just pick up the whole book :-). All the best dear.

عروض سياحية said...

i love your blog a lot.

Anonymous said...

Well, please continue blogging..