Sunday, December 8, 2013

It doesn't get old

I got my author copies for Tuki's Grand Salon Chase! I am glad to report that I am not a jaded, oh-yawn-what's-in-the-mail writer yet. Once I got the news that the books had been dispatched, I contemplated taking leave from work and waiting for them full-time. Alas, my office is not as flexible as that. As a result, when the books finally did arrive, I was at work. Appa and Amma mailed me - books here, come soon, in the manner of telegrams of yore. While I would have liked to fly on the wings of a cloud or whatever else is the preferred mode of transportation of poets these days, I had to wait.
I walked inside and there it was, a brown box of the sort that comes home every other day, bearing books, except this time, they were mine.
Padma said she would help me open the box and brought out a chef's knife to rip open the tape. I could have suggested using a paper cutter but then I learnt not to argue with Padma a long time ago.
There they sat, ten copies of my book, nestled together like twins. Well, five sets of twins.
I took them out and oh, the joy. For that moment alone, the months of self-doubt and self-flagellation are worth it.
I've given a few away already but the rest, they sit there in a pretty pile on a table in the living room.
Soon, it will be out there. Readers may like it, may find it average, may trample it. But for just a few days, this book is mine and mine alone.


Smita said...

Congrats :)

Can I beg for a review copy?? :D

Anonymous said...

Congrats Parul./.. So padma is back in service?? it looks like u did not blog about some serious important stuff!!!!

Good luck with the book..

Sujatha ramesh

Anonymous said...

Congraats Parul!!

Anonymous said...

Congraats Parul!!


shiny said...

Congraats Parul!!

Sue said...

My copy reached me ten minutes ago. *rubs hands in glee*